If it works keep doing it!

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I listened to a webinar by Bernie Siegel, an American Doctor, last night while walking my dog and he made a point about holistic practitioners wasting their time trying to get people in conventional medicine to listen to them. His advice was to simply get on with helping people to heal, because eventually people will notice. This seems like good advice.

A colleague of mine helped a lady suffering from MS, her symptoms have completely gone and she has lived a normal life for several years. Each year she has a check-up appointment with her Neurologist who asks how she is. She explains she has been better since working with my collogue and the Neurologists grunts, but shows no interest at all in what happened. The lady is simply an anomaly, one of those people for whom the condition is not following the normal path.

Things do change though, if you do something that works long enough it can become part of the system. For example mindfulness that has been a Buddhist meditative practices for thousands of years has now become the in thing and part of the system in some places. Jon Kabat-Zinn has adapted the process into a non belief based meditation for stress and pain relief which is gaining more popularity.

So the Buddhist meditative practices that have been valued for health and well-being are now being accepted and more widely used because the evidence of it’s effectiveness has grown to the point that others notice it.



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