Just two simple techniques to GET THAT JOB you want and really THRIVE!

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You may have mastered all the techniques to help with your health, but if you can’t get the job you want it can be difficult to thrive. Everyone with a chance at the job will research the company and swat on the theory, but what to do about performing well? Here are two simply techniques used by those in the know.

Visualise, visualise VISUALISE! Did I say that enough? Visualise in detail as much as you can, imagine yourself relaxed, smiling, breathing calmly from stomach. Imagine yourself in the reception area, sitting calm, in control, smiling at other candidates and those around you. Then imagine yourself answering some of the stock questions; smiling, being calm and relaxed. The more you visualise yourself calm and relaxed the more likely it is to happen. Top sports people know this and now you do too!

I came across this one on a training course by Chris Iveson at Brief, London. Chris explained he used it with his family friends before interviews and it was brilliant at improving confidence and getting jobs! So imagine for a moment you are your best friend; now ask ‘them’ what it is they like you, why are they your friend, what do they think are your strengths? Imagine what they would say. Once you think of one thing, ask “and what else?”, write down their answers,  aim for as many as you can.
Now think of a colleague at work,  and repeat the process with the question “what makes you a good work colleague?” Then someone who has had responsibility for you, a boss or maybe a teacher and again repeat the process with the question “what makes you a good employee/student?” Do this for as many people as you want, with questions relevant to your relationship. By this stage it should be completely obvious why you deserve that job!


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