Month: February 2014

What you need to know if you are worried about surgery

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Being ill and in pain is bad enough, but when you are told you need and operation it can be a really worrying time. It is totally understandable, unless you are part of a surgical team, having an operation is completely new experience and one that quite naturally triggers a stress reaction in many people. Even if you are part of a surgical team, being the patient is a very different perspective.

I bumped into one such lady the other day at a local leisure centre, she has been told she needs a replacement knee, but she was saying how anxious and worried she was about  the surgery and rehab. It came as quiet a surprise to her that I had worked with many people in similar situations, helping them be more relaxed before and after the surgery. It came as more of a surprise when I told her that using the techniques I taught were often linked with less post operative pain and increased healing according to many studies. Certainly several of the people I have worked with have reported recovering faster than expected and even surprising their medical team.

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