In Memory of Sky

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Three weeks ago today we had to say good by to our dear dog Sky. As any pet owner knows it is never easy to lose a pet and we hated having to make the decision to have her her ‘put to sleep’ but we and the vet thought it was time for her sake. I’m not going to dwell on that though.

This is in memory of a wonderful companion. Sky was originally Debbie and her families dog, but when Debbie became ill with ME/CFS she came to live with us in Cornwall to keep Debbie company while I was out at work. Much of the walking initially became my responsibility and I soon began to love Sky as Debbie did. She was a lovely Dog; and I while Debbie was too ill to come out I would often run with her, sometimes around the streets and sometimes around Siblyback where she could run off the lead. She would run beside me when I wanted and other times run free. It was a real pleasure to have her company when Debbie was too ill to come out, let alone run. I can remember during those times sometimes wondering whether Debbie would ever be well enough to join us.

Sky was also an important part of Debbie healing journey in so many ways and I know Debbie misses her too. As Debbie wrote in her post ‘Back to Health One Step at a Time‘   Sky helped Debbie get her strength back because she was encouragement to go out and walk and get fresh air.  She is the SkyBlue in SkyBlueRiver.

There were so many good times and memories that include her; like teaching her to swim in the rivers, Debbie teaching her ‘tidy’ where she would put her toys back in her box, playing fetch, her company, her love of chasing leaves, the gentle way she sniffed Honey when we brought her home from the hospital…

We love you Sky.



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