So I today I bought a Frisbee…

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Not sure whether it is synchronicity or my brain filtering for what it wants to see but I’ve had several separate sources that have made me aware that I don’t do fun anymore. Isn’t that sad? Lol I meditate, I train, eat well, and generally ‘practice what I preach’, but in all that I have forgotten about play and fun.

The first reminder came while I was receiving Cranial Osteopathy for several nagging issues. Kate Hands, a wonderful  Osteopath,  mentioned that I was a bit like ‘Flat Stanley’ a fictional character from a children’s book. Apparently Flat Stanley is well… flat, two dimensional when he should be three, or even four.  Initially I was surprised but subconsciously I knew she was right. As Kate said sometimes we just get flattened by life circumstances. But if meditation, EFT and all the other tools I know were not helping what would?

The second reminder came while reading Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple blog. I stumbled across his Primal Blueprint for Fitness, a free Ebook that details a functional fitness routine using progressive body-weight exercises. Now since our move I have no room for my weights, and my gym membership expired so this routine appealed. The guy is also 57 and physically impressive, so I read more.

Mark’s reason to exercise and be fit involves enjoying life and enjoying play. Indeed he says  “the ability to play, to engage in unscripted, random bouts of youthful exuberance with loved ones, friends, and family – is the ultimate goal of Primal Blueprint Fitness”.  This nurtured the seed that Kate planted and has been slowly germinating in my subconscious for a few days now.

Then this week I began seriously working through Dr Rosy Daniel’s Health Creation Programme in preparation for training to be a Health Creation Mentor. Part of that involves an assessment of my potential for health and low and behold but it flagged up again that I don’t have enough fun! Now part of this preparation involves seeing the Programme from the other side of the fence and being Mentored myself. So one of the goals suggested by my Mentor was to have ‘mandatory fun’ and to create a mood board or journal to write down ideas for how to accomplish that. So this was my third reminder!

Reading more of Mark Sisson’s resources  and I kept seeing references to playing with Frisbees, something that seems completely frivolous and  generates images of kids (in the US admittedly) having fun and laughing.

So I today I bought a Frisbee…

And this afternoon, I had fun throwing and catching it with Debbie.


Health Creation

Mark’s Daily Apple: The Lost Art of Play: Reclaiming a Primal Tradition


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