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Sometimes I over-think things; like… how do I sign off my emails/newsletters? I bet most people would hardly give it a thought, “Best wishes”, “Kind regards”, “Love”, “Love and Light” or something similar would flow from their keyboard and they would get on with something else. None of those really say what I want to say though.

When I sit down with a client, I do not see someone who is broken, damaged, needing to be fixed. Rather I see someone about to find new levels of clarity, to become bright and shiny, someone about to let their true essence shine. I’m there only to offer a hand, a re-assuring energetic presence, a smiling face, someone who believes you can do it… .Like a walking guide who may offer you a hand for a tricky step.  I want to sign of with something along the same ethos.

Then I came across ‘Namaste’ which has it’s origins in Sanskrit. I’m not a Hindu, or Buddhist, but when I looked at the meaning of this word I loved it. It’s commonly translated as

“the divine light in me honours the divine light in you”

This closely matches my blossoming understanding that there is more to life than we can touch and more to helping people than a technique from a book.

So decision made…

Namaste 🙂



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