Transcendental Meditation: Three Days After Learning

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So it’s three days after my initial introduction to Transcendental Meditation and I’m still impressed with the benefits.

Yesterday I was tired during the day and actually napped while Honey watched something on TV. That’s ok though, my Teacher Mike reminded me of how we can all feel tired for the first few days of a long awaited holiday. I had forgotten that feeling but remembered it well from my days as an ICT Teacher. On reaching the summer holidays I would often feel a relaxed, contented kinda tiredness and that’s how I felt yesterday. It felt good, not a guilty thought in my mind 🙂

My last session was in the evening, with holiday traffic it took almost 5 hours to do what should have been 3. Interesting final session though on Transcendental Meditation and consciousness. We watched several clips including this one by David Lynch:

For me, finishing on ideas and theories about consciousness was a nice end to the course, as the subject is something I have been reading so much on lately.

Thankfully the drive home was much quicker than the drive there so I was home by 12:15. Well worth the time.

Last night I once again had a very deep sleep and woke to feel rested, even though I was in a sleeping bag on the lounge floor!


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