A Week Of Transcendental Meditation

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A week has passed since I learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) and I’ve noticed feeling less tired and having a more ‘get up and go’ than normal. Twenty minutes twice a day seems a lot but I notice really looking forward to each session and I seem to have more energy in the evenings than before. Here has been my week:

Saturday – Drove for 3 hours, learned TM, drove home 3 hours feeling more focused, more alert than I have for four years.

Sunday – Best nights sleep in a long time and up at 5am feeling good. A three-hour drive to Bristol for day two of TM course and then a three-hour drive home. Noticed feeling calm on getting back home even though there were things that would have normally triggered a stress response.

Monday – Another good nights sleep, happily got up at 7am and did 20 min of Yoga followed by TM. Tired during the day and napped midday while watching a TV program with Honey. Drove up to Bristol again for last TM session and felt fine though.

Tuesday – Late night Monday but slept well. Had a lay in and meditated after breakfast. Mediation more difficult as River barking and Honey shouting, after session disturbed by Honey shouting even though Debbie is telling to be quieter. Felt grumpy most of the day. “Sound is no barrier to meditation” maybe but quietness seems to help me.

Wednesday – up at 7 for yoga and TM nice day in the garden, good meditation sessions, felt good in myself.

Thursday – up early for Yoga and TM, a nice day at Saltrum House with the family. While waiting for Honey to fall asleep I felt really ‘in the moment’, filled with a contented joy. Not experienced that since soon after Honey was born.

Friday – up at 6am for Yoga & TM. Good session. Felt grumpy about my lack of drumming skill but acted on it and contacted someone about lessons. That is something I have been procrastinating about for months.

Sat – up at 7.15 for yoga and TM. Busy day but felt I had more patience with Honey and everyone for that matter!

Watch this space to see how things progress…


One thought on “A Week Of Transcendental Meditation

    Louise (@tlccabin) said:
    May 11, 2016 at 11:21 pm

    Ha! I love this – thank you so much for your authenticity. TM is a pretty sweet deal and what I notice after nearly 15 years with a regular practice is that is continues to support and enliven my life.

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