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3 Facts Women With Cancer are NOT told, that leave them with pain and fatigue.

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The pain and fatigue associated with cancer and its treatment can often be reduced. The research into breast cancer shows that hypnosis reduces both pain and fatigue. The latest research*1 that included 200 patients found the reduction in fatigue lasted up to 6 months after treatment had ended. Hypnosis for reduction of pain and fatigue during cancer treatment is completely safe, does not interfere with your conventional treatment. There are also no side effects.


If you believe your treatment for cancer is going to go well and will help you, it is more likely to do so. Dispelling any unhelpful fears or doubts that maybe lingering in your subconscious, or even conscious mind can be hugely beneficial. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping as it is also known as is a wonderful method of changing unhelpful beliefs both at a conscious and subconscious level.


Being diagnosed with cancer can bring an immediate need to make lifestyle changes. This is an area where a lot of clients traditionally think of hypnosis and it certainly offers a powerful approach to making the changes you desire. This can be important to recovery.  I have heard Surgeon Bernie Seigal, who is also the author of Love, Medicine and Miracles say “Be who you want to be and be where you want to be.” Having a clear vision of who you want to be can be a powerful draw to making it a reality, specially if that vision is boosted with hypnosis.

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