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A Week Of Transcendental Meditation

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A week has passed since I learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) and I’ve noticed feeling less tired and having a more ‘get up and go’ than normal. Twenty minutes twice a day seems a lot but I notice really looking forward to each session and I seem to have more energy in the evenings than before. Here has been my week:

Saturday – Drove for 3 hours, learned TM, drove home 3 hours feeling more focused, more alert than I have for four years.

Sunday – Best nights sleep in a long time and up at 5am feeling good. A three-hour drive to Bristol for day two of TM course and then a three-hour drive home. Noticed feeling calm on getting back home even though there were things that would have normally triggered a stress response.

Monday – Another good nights sleep, happily got up at 7am and did 20 min of Yoga followed by TM. Tired during the day and napped midday while watching a TV program with Honey. Drove up to Bristol again for last TM session and felt fine though.

Tuesday – Late night Monday but slept well. Had a lay in and meditated after breakfast. Mediation more difficult as River barking and Honey shouting, after session disturbed by Honey shouting even though Debbie is telling to be quieter. Felt grumpy most of the day. “Sound is no barrier to meditation” maybe but quietness seems to help me.

Wednesday – up at 7 for yoga and TM nice day in the garden, good meditation sessions, felt good in myself.

Thursday – up early for Yoga and TM, a nice day at Saltrum House with the family. While waiting for Honey to fall asleep I felt really ‘in the moment’, filled with a contented joy. Not experienced that since soon after Honey was born.

Friday – up at 6am for Yoga & TM. Good session. Felt grumpy about my lack of drumming skill but acted on it and contacted someone about lessons. That is something I have been procrastinating about for months.

Sat – up at 7.15 for yoga and TM. Busy day but felt I had more patience with Honey and everyone for that matter!

Watch this space to see how things progress…


Transcendental Meditation: Three Days After Learning

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So it’s three days after my initial introduction to Transcendental Meditation and I’m still impressed with the benefits.

Yesterday I was tired during the day and actually napped while Honey watched something on TV. That’s ok though, my Teacher Mike reminded me of how we can all feel tired for the first few days of a long awaited holiday. I had forgotten that feeling but remembered it well from my days as an ICT Teacher. On reaching the summer holidays I would often feel a relaxed, contented kinda tiredness and that’s how I felt yesterday. It felt good, not a guilty thought in my mind 🙂

My last session was in the evening, with holiday traffic it took almost 5 hours to do what should have been 3. Interesting final session though on Transcendental Meditation and consciousness. We watched several clips including this one by David Lynch:

For me, finishing on ideas and theories about consciousness was a nice end to the course, as the subject is something I have been reading so much on lately.

Thankfully the drive home was much quicker than the drive there so I was home by 12:15. Well worth the time.

Last night I once again had a very deep sleep and woke to feel rested, even though I was in a sleeping bag on the lounge floor!

Transcendental Meditation: Two Days After Learning

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It’s just two days after learning and beginning to practice TM and so far I’m impressed. Today’s Monday and learned Transcendental Meditation on Saturday afternoon. Yesterday I had two group sessions led by my teacher Mike. These really deepened my understanding of Transcendental Meditation and helped me to understand why it is different from any form of meditation I have previously done.

It was a long day, up at 5am to get to the course for 10am, three hours driving to get there and then three hours to get back home again at the end of the day. Debbie was tired out after spending the day with her family so I drove most of the way home. It seemed much easier than normal, easier to stay focused on driving.

We got home to find my Dad had left the grill and the top oven on (they are the same thing!?!) with the oven door shut. There was some cleaning needed too. Our little girl Honey had napped on the way home so although still tired she was not in a hurry to go to bed. All events that would have normally triggered stress for me, but seemed to have less impact, seemed to trigger less negative thoughts.

Surprisingly I just had a wonderful nights sleep. Surprising because Honey ended up in bed with us, which normally means a disturbed night for me and tired grumpy morning.

Many famous people are vocal regarding the benefits of practicing Transcendental Meditation including Filmaker David Lynch.

Although during the night I was aware of her moving around, wrestling for the covers and fidgeting. I slept through it all much better. Perhaps most importantly where I would normally wake, or be woken, feeling tired and grumpy. I actually woke at 7am feeling fairly rested and with the energy to get up and do 20 min of yoga followed by my morning meditation. This is something I have intended to do since Christmas, but simply felt too sleep deprived to actually do it.

I have another long drive tonight for the last session, but I’m looking forward to it.

A cynic (and there is a part of me that is cynical) would say I’m noticing these benefits because the marketing has primed me to notice them, but to be honest I don’t care! 🙂

To find out more about Transcendental Meditation follow the link.

So I Might be Mad But…

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Today I traveled for  3 hours to spend an hour learning Transcendental Meditation (TM). A technique for meditation involving silently repeating a mantra that is specially chosen for you.

I had been really excited about today, but I arrived at the center feeling stressed and grumpy, some would say my normal state these days. Driving in the city after two hours on the motorway is not my idea of fun, but arriving at my destination to find the parking is horrendous, resulted in a fair amount of stress. My mood really plummeted though when I walked up to the venue and found the door locked and a note saying it might take them a while to open it for me! After a three hour drive I had expected to be able to go to the toilet and rest for a few minutes before the course started, so I was  rather surprised to be left sitting outside waiting. To match my mood it had even started raining. In fact I went next door and to a Cafe and used their toilet, but still felt rather grumpy and stressed by the time someone (a receptionist?) did open the door for me.

Normally I would have held on to this mood for a while, probably imagining telling everyone how bad I thought it was, but to my surprise when my first hours instruction started, the mood vanished.

Learning TM starts with your teacher performing a brief ceremony of thanks to their teachers. My teacher, Mike, explained that this also reminded him of the many mantras he has been taught, keeping their sound pure in his mind and helps him select one for me. During the ceremony he chanted Sanskrit in a sing song way and then at the end just told me my mantra and asked me to repeat it. I was expecting more, but that was it. He then explained the technique of using the mantra for meditatio and I practiced.

The publicity material is full of testimonials saying how easy TM is, and I was relieved to agree. The publicity material is full of stories from people who have found the practice beneficial too, even the first session, so I was interested to see what would happen for me.

During the meditation I completely lost sense of time, something I normally associate with hypnosis. In some ways it felt like just minutes of meditation, yet I felt as if I had rested for longer. On the drive home I felt wide awake, I also noticed my responses to  others being different. Somehow I was not surprised when the Audi A3 cut me up and then wove through the motorway traffic only to get stuck a couple of cars ahead. What was surprising to me was the lack of my negative emotions regarding the event. Sat in the service station I found myself smiling at the antics of a family walking back to their car. It was almost as if I felt their fun rather than being preoccupied with my issues.

You could say that I was primed to notice benefits from the start, which is true. That does not detract to the fact that there were for me, noticeable changes in my reactions.

As suggested by Mike I stopped on the way home and meditated for a further 20 minutes, then continued driving completely refreshed.

It’s only the first session of four, but so far Transcendental Meditation has lived up to expectation.

To find out more about Transcendental Meditation follow the link!